Owl City is the most popular electronica music project created by Adam Young in 2007. The project was created whilst Young was experimenting with music in his parents' basement in Owatonna, Minnesota. Owl City first got its fame on social networking website MySpace.[citation needed] It later got mainstream fame when Young signed a deal with Universal Republic.


Young was working as an employee for Coca-Cola whilst suffering from insomnnia. In the nights, he would experiment with music in his parents' basement. His first set up of equipment was a C-1 Behringer Microphone and Reason, by Swedish music corporation Propellerhead.



Album Notes
2007 Of June EP - (Independent Release)
2008/2009 Maybe I'm Dreaming
2009/2010 Ocean Eyes
2011 All Things Bright and Beautiful
2012 Shooting Star EP - (Features: Shooting Star, Dementia, Take it All Away and Gold which are later featured in The Midsummer Station)
2012 The Midsummer Station
2012 Good Time (Digital Remixes) EP

The Midsummer Station Acoustic

EP - (Features: Acoustic versions of Good Time, Shooting Star and Gold)
2014 Ultraviolet EP
2015 Mobile Orchestra Features: This Isn't The End; which is also featured on Ultraviolet, and You're Not Alone; previously released as a single.


Year Album Notes
2009 Strawberry Avalanche Strawberry Avalanche later released on Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition)
2009 Umbrella Beach Umbrella Beach also featured in Ocean Eyes
2010 To The Sky From the film: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole
2010 Peppermint Winter
2012 When Can I See You Again? From film: Wreck-it Ralph
2014 Beautiful Times Beautiful Times later featured on Ultraviolet
2014 Tokyo
2014 You're Not Alone You're Not Alone later featured on Mobile Orchestra
2014 Kiss Me Babe, it's Christmas Time
2015 Verge Verge later released on Mobile Orchestra
2015 My Everything My Everything later released on Mobile Orchestra
2015 Unbelievable Unbelievable later released on Mobile Orchestra

Compilation Albums

Year Album Notes
2015 OWL CITY - The Best Of Japan exclusive release