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This is a Wiki about Adam Young and his musical projects, including the world famous Owl City. Enjoy your stay!


  • As a kind-of Christmas treat, Adam Young uploaded a cover of Bright Eyes, originally by Art Garfunkel (from the film Watership Down) to (his) Tumblr! Have a listen! (Thanks to youretheskythatifellthrough)
  • The Midsummer Station, Owl City's newest album is available on iTunes everywhere!

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Adam Young

Adam young the today show

Young performing on The Today Show.

Adam Randal Young is an American musician from Owatonna, Minnesota, who is the founder of many electronic music projects, including the world famous Owl City. Some of his other renowned works are: Sky Sailing, Port Blue, and Swimming with Dolphins. However, Young left the latter to focus on Owl City after it gained mainstream popularity.

During bouts of Insomnia, Young originally began making music by himself in his parents' basement. Young published his electro-pop music on MySpace and iTunes, and, after selling approximately 2000 tracks a week, Young released an EP and a Full Length Album.

"Owl City's" first release was Of June, which debuted on April 21 2007. Despite the independent release, it made Number 15 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Of June has seven tracks, the most notable of which is Hello Seattle, which was remixed and re-released with 2009 album Ocean Eyes.

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  • Wreck-it Ralph, a new Disney film featuring a song from Owl City hit US Theaters on 2 November 2012!

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