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Sky Sailing is a side project of Adam Young. It is the alias he uses for the releases of music he made before Owl City and the majority of his other projects. It features some of Young's first music from 2004, however the alias 'Sky Sailing' was not used until 2006. It features a similar aesthetic to Owl City, but is mostly performed using acoustic guitars and piano. Sky Sailing has stopped releasing music as of 2011.

Introduction by Adam YoungEdit

Three and a half years ago, I recorded a collection of songs in my parent's basement during the bleary-eyed hours of night when sleep and I could not bring ourselves to meet. I was a metalworker, working 6 AM to 4 PM at a warehouse in my little southern Minnesota town. I was writing, creating, thinking, imagining and breathing music with every second I had to spare. Music has always been my dream, but at that point in time, it was merely a feather tossed to the wind. Regardless, my spirits were far from dampened and I created music as fast and as furiously as I could. In my little basement bedroom, I had an old Dell computer, Reason 2.5, a friend's borrowed Behringer C-1 condenser, a Behringer 8 channel analog mixer and my uncle's old Alvarez. I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I was a dreamer and music was my escape so I gave it everything I had. Never expecting my music to be heard anywhere but by my parents through the floorboards above, I wrote for my own ears. I was both artist and audience and I called myself Sky Sailing.

I've kept these recordings secret for a long time and they've never seen the light of day until now. Long before Owl City was ever a spark of a flame, a lot of blue-collared working days were spent absentmindedly daydreaming about what would ultimately become this collection of songs. From the perfectionist musician's perspective, a song is never truly 'finished' but rather 'abandoned' and thus, after a lot of inspiration and reckless experimentation, I emerged from the basement with an 11 song record which I affectionately entitled, An Airplane Carried Me To Bed.

This album is a step into the past, the documented account of a shy boy from Minnesota with more hopes and dreams than he knew what to do with. When you listen to this record, you can hear naivety, innocence, inexperience and the wide-eyed imaginings of a wishful thinker. It's both light and dark, optimistic and melancholy. Unpolished and dusty, it's an antique and therefore holds a truly unique and graceful aesthetic within. Though there has always been just one artist behind the music, before there was Owl City there was Sky Sailing and I consider it a great honor to finally find this opportunity to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.[2]


Year Album Notes
2010 An Airplane Carried Me To Bed
2010 Flowers of the Field (Single) iTunes Single
2010 A Little Opera Goes a Long Way (Single) Includes: A Little Opera Goes a Long Way